Inspection system for metallic objects.

VisioCount is an electro-inductive system which was originally developed as a high-speed alternative to gravimetric weighing technology in pharmaceutical secondary packaging operations.

Close-up of a VisioCount sensor probe
Complete setup at the end of a cartoner

As a completeness check device, the system has its most popular applications in secondary packaging operations. Blisters with an aluminum lid foil as well as alu-alu (cold-form) blisters can be inspected with the system accordingly. VisioCount checks the number of blister cards stacked in a closed carton against a pre- set value. Both shortfall and surplus of blister counts are detected.

The system “counts” the layers of (typically) blister cards in a closed carton. This specific application gave the system its trade name “VisioCount”.

The system is essentially a miniaturized high-end metal detector for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Due to its small size and flexibility in design, VisioCount can be used in a versatile range of applications and is applicable for high-speed measurements of powders, solid objects and liquids.

Today, the system has been made available by visiotec GmbH to all industries in search of powerful solutions for the monitoring of continuous processes and production.

In other application areas the system design will be adapted accordingly to fit the required process. E.g. in dosing applications of powders or tablets the system can be designed to check for metal contaminants during product filling.

Application examples

VisioCount sensor probes (view from top down)
VisioCount sensor probe in an Uhlmann cartoner
  • Inspection of metallic objects in a “container” (e.g. 
correct number of blister cards in a closed carton) 
= completeness check
  • Metal detection during filling/dosing of e.g. micro-doses 
(such as powder dispensing processes) 
= dosed products are free of metallic contaminants
  • Other applications can be checked for feasibility and 
system can be custom designed to fit other processes

Functional Principle

Above shown principle is for measurement of blister cards in a closed carton on a cartoning machine
Above shown principle is for measurement of products in free-fall (e.g. dosing or filling applications)

VisioCount is an electro-inductive measurement system.

Actual measurement is related to the system’s built- in inductor coil/s. Prior to the actual product flow passing through resp. by the system, a pre- measurement of the inductance of the coil/s is performed in order to zero the unit for environmental conditions.

The now following measurement of product resp. product flow is performed whereas metallic materials (ferrous or non-ferrous) will cause the coil inductance to change.

Depending on the pre-setting values, the system will signal non-conforming products to the host machine for rejection.


  • Ethernet interface

  • System settings via VisioCount touch-screen interface

  • Smart sender and receiver probes can be configured separately (frequency and transmitting power) for optimal reading results

  • Flexible measuring concept adapted to fit most applications (in transmission/reflection modes)

  • Flexible design allows fitting system into most machines and processes

  • Contact-free measurement

  • No format parts required
Measuring speed up to 200 objects/sec. (application dependent)